It’s all about the cost savings

The economic climate has altered the structure of the commercial world

In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies face increasing pressure to do more with less. It’s not enough anymore to just lower operating costs. Companies must also find ways to increase productivity, do higher quality work, and improve profitability. At the same time they’re being forced to operate with fewer and fewer resources.

How would you like to take costs out of your business

Oloco is the first outsourcing solution to recognise the unique quality of the financial team and provide an offering that maximises the transactional processing efficiently while greatly reducing costs. We also recognise that for all but the smallest business, the interpretation and delivery of the outcomes is what drives a business forward.

Oloco – intelligent outsourcing

Oloco has, and is further developing cloud based solutions utilising existing and bespoke software applied to a complete range of finance and accounting services. Using cloud-based technologies provides a rapid turnaround for financial work, easily accessible by key personnel. The aim is to serve a range of clients with support from basic transaction input through to the complex preparation of IFRS compliant statutory accounts. Our team take on the detail leaving you free to focus on running your business.

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How oloco works

Oloco can provide outsourced finance and accounting services on a cloud based platform utilising an experienced flexible workforce, located both onshore and offshore, to meet the varying financial demands of organisations.

How outsourcing through Oloco aids in the growth of your company:

We remove the additional costs of an in house finance team by providing reliable financial expertise only when you want or need it.

We provide you with clear, reliable and up to date data through the use of our Cloud based system.

We give you access to a team of qualified and experienced accountants, putting your finances at your finger tips.